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Types of Electrical Repair and Services

Quick electricians perform a home/business and repair/replacement services including:

Fan Repair/Installations

Fans are ideal for the home that can help rooms while giving your air conditioner a break. Ideal for living room and bedrooms, ceiling fan installations or replacements can be tricky, especially if the room wasn’t constructed with proper wiring.

Ceiling fans improve home circulation and help reduce the electrical bill. If you have a room that could use a cool breeze, call in an electrician to install the fan safely. An electrician can also address existing ceiling fan problems such as flickering lights, slow blades, or rattling/grinding in the fan’s wiring or installing a replacement fan(which could save time and money).

Outdoor Lighting

A well-lit outdoor area is eye catching to passers bye and neighbour alike plus will add functionality to the home. Outdoor electrical setup can be challenging.

Suspended or elevated lighting/slopes garden features, while others require specific amps, low-voltage, buried cables, and other specifications to stand up to energy demands.

A professional electrician can safely complete the job without sacrificing aesthetics. A professional electrician will come equipped with the tools needed to install your outdoor lighting safely.

Washer/Dryer other Large Household Appliances

Some homes have difficulty holding up to the electrical demands of modern appliances. Installing new appliances like washers, dryers, flat screen, and ovens isn’t always a case of unboxing and plugging it in.

Large appliances need to be wired to the homes circuit board, which means that you may need to upgrade your electrical system. Appliance wiring can be completed by installing a dedicated circuit board, meaning the appliance is connected to its own electrical circuit to protect you, your home, and your new appliance.

Outlet Repair and Installation

An electrician will be able to assess the capacity of your home’s electrical system to determine what kind of and how many outlets is safest.

After an initial inspection is done, your electrician will install a range of outlets and switches on all property including  dimmers, timers, and even smart plugs or home automation.

Electrical Panel Upgrades/Periodic Inspections

Electrical systems are complicated, and problems might not be isolated to a single plug or room. It’s critical to have your property’s entire electrical system checked to ensure the safety and longevity of the installation these periodic inspections and testing can add life to your devices and wiring.

Warning signs to a faulty electrical system including: blown fuses, crackling sounds from the fuse box, and outlets that are hot to the touch. Hire a professional electrician to fully inspect your electrical system every few years, or as soon as you notice signs of a problem. You may need to have your electrical panel upgraded. A panel upgrade will update your electrical system to meet the demands of everyday power consumption safely.