Periodic/Annual or Bi-Annual Inspections/Reports

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If you need a periodic inspection report for your home or business premises.

A periodic report may be required by your insurance company or Fire Officer to give them and you an indication of the current condition of the wiring within your property.

Whether it is required by Local Authority or your Insurance Company, it is a wise thing to do to have a report carried out by a Registered electrician at some stage so you yourself know exactly where you stand with regards to any defects that may be lurking in your home or business.

A periodic Inspection report will give a clear indication as to whether or not the wiring installation is of a safe standard and in accordance to the current wiring rules and regulations.

As a rgistered contractors we are authorised to carry out periodic/annual or bi-annual inspection for homes and commercial premises. When we carry out a periodic inspection report we can also quote for any works that may need to be carried out to bring the wiring installation to a safe standard which will also comply with the current standards and above.

If you would like further information regarding a periodic inspection report for your premises in the Cork