Water Heater Maintenance/Repair

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Complete Water Heater Maintenance

What maintenance does a heater need?

Hello and welcome we are quick electricians cork, we are number one in the city for calls for immersion heater repairs. Immersion heaters an essential part of life in homes and apartments, it is especially essential in apartments where it’s the only source of hot water.  All our staff have the specialised tools needed to replacement parts needed for efficient immersion element repair. Ensuring that our customers will have their immersions back operating as fast as possible.

Water heater maintenance consists of flushing the unit, checking and changing the anode rod if needed, inspecting for rust or leaks, and testing the thermostat and valves. The flush is the most important step of water heater maintenance, and something you do not want to miss. We also provide emergency repairs to house and apartments in and around cork city.

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